Tiny Baths Don’t Have To Be A Big Problem

Got a tiny bathroom that you want to remodel? Deborah Kearns at realtor.com has researched the best ways to get the most out of your tiny space, based on advice from two New-York Based design experts:

  1. Smart storage—It’s always a great idea to purge. Beyond getting rid of old, unwanted items, consider how often your needed items are used. If an item is used regularly, keep it within reach. But when space is at a premium, items used less frequently (once a week or less) should be removed and stashed elsewhere.
  2. Bold is beautiful—According to Kearns’s research, bright colors in small spaces make it easier to see when you’re doing makeup or shaving. Boldly patterned wallpaper can also serve as artwork.
  3. Light luxury—Hallogen bulbs are best, ideally placed on either side of the mirror and over the sink. If that’s not possible, ceiling pendants or recessed lighting are the next best thing.
  4. Accents—Keep sink-top accents reserved for necessities like cotton balls canisters. Consider shelving over the toilet that can serve double duty as an accent piece and an additional home for canisters and more. Kearns’s research suggests foregoing bathmats, as these often aren’t designed to fit tiny spaces.

Get more of the details at https://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/decorating-tips-for-tiny-bathrooms/