Amber Hite

Hi, my name is Amber Hite!

My previous job provided housing for students nationwide (16 states). We did large volume Property Management and Corporate housing, over 5,000 units. I primarily did reporting, employee training, unit management, customer dispute resolution and contract negotiation with property owners.  I enjoyed the work and it lead me to Real Estate.  I attended and graduated the Tucker School of Realty in Indy in March. I joined the firm in June and have truly enjoyed working with such a great team.

In between graduating from Real Estate school and joining the firm I had a beautiful baby girl, Novalee. My fiancé, stepsons and I are truly overjoyed to have her and she is a fun and smiley baby. In addition to Real Estate I am also a Doula, which is a birth coach who provides educational and emotional support. I have been a Doula for 3 years and I have loved every minute of it.

Both of these positions have one thing in common, serving my community. I love to help others achieve their goals in whatever their journeys might be.  I have truly enjoyed the community members in Greensburg and look forward to continuing to grow and raise our family here. I look forward to serving Greensburg in the best ways possible.

I am a dog person who loves cookies, taking long naps in the sun followed by a good water balloon fight with the kids. I love DIY projects and looking for treasures at antique stores. I am always down for an adventure!

Amber Hite
Phone: 317.966.2824