Andrea Dennett

Promoting Postive Community & Economic Growth In Our Neighborhood


My name is Andrea Dennett.  I am a Real Estate Broker and a Certified Appraiser for over 25 years respectively in each field.

In this small town of Greensburg where I’ve lived most of my life and call home, most everyone used to know each other by name. The area growth over time has brought forth many changes for our community.  New business development, new schools and an influx of new residents has expanded our culture and our creativity as a community in many ways.  Growing up in a home with a parent of a successful Real Estate Brokerage, its an aspect of life that has been woven into the person that I am today.  Many long hours sometimes seven days a week took some time and a learning curve to find rhythm between professional duties and family commitment.

Through personal and professional growing pains I have understood the importance of preparation, education, hard work, respect an honesty.  I continuously strive to apply these values daily in both my professional and personal life.  Planning activities for efficiency, working on goals and taking time for rest and regeneration is key for my success.   Yes I have had multiple awards for being a multi million dollar sales broker each year, reaching sales and production goals consistently by two franchise’s – but the real success is the client’s positive personal experience with service and reliability that I work hard to provide – that is my greatest fulfillment and joy in one of the biggest decisions an individual can make.  Overall, my personal upbringing was instrumental in my overall career choice and for that I am very thankful.

I’m a wife (family engineer), business owner, real estate peddler, valuation maker, community advocate, terrible golfer, antiques and garage sale shopper, movie and youth sports watcher (golf again), chocolate eater, saved by grace and a lover of Jesus Christ.

Andrea Dennett
Phone: 812.593.4141